Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday - not to be beaten

So, after a couple of false starts and some cinnamon toast (mmmmm), I made it into Daniels cafe in Windsor. Made a bit of a mess of this but it got me warmed up. Decided to brave the weather while it was dry and revisit the flower stall. Think i'll be comparing this with the original image in the crit Wednesday. I can definitely see an improvement. Once my fingers went numb I retreated indoors for tea and chips (mmmmmmmmm). This is my pleasure (the tea) and the waiters business (working at the bar). A nice opportunity to study light and tone. Starting to feel a bit happier about using this medium.
Still have tomorrow to play more.

Windsor, in the shadow of the castle

Why do I keep sitting in the shade? It's cold enough in the sun! Pam demonstrated a suggested way of working with ink and tone on Wednesday and here I have totally hashed it up. Feel like i'm starting over.
This was not my first attempt at this either. The page was too wet, the inks bled into one another and i couldn't control my shaking hands. Not a very productive day.

Into uni and back again

So, on the way in, concentrating on clarity of line (making small advances here) and on the way home looking at tone. Some very badly drawn seat backs and i think this is very dodgy. Must try harder.

Home on the train.

This should have a greater tonal range but i just don't seem to get time on the train. Plus it's difficult to get lots of materials out on commuter trains. Have managed to get the whole scene in though eyes, hands, mouths, pose and all.

Last page of my sketchbook!

Whoo Hoo! I managed to fill a sketchbook (albeit a tiny moleskine). This is me again BTW. I'm always available when the mood to draw takes me.

Girl on the train

I know this doesn't have a strong tonal range but I like the pose and the feeling of people being bleached out by the train lights.