Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wednesday 10/11 - Feedback

It seems that after a shaky start I am starting to make some progress. I managed to speak to both Alexis and Martin this week. Alexis was quite positive and gave me some very useful information on the use of cross hatching. He also pointed out that most of my figures lack eyes and made me go through the sketch book adding them in. He's right, it makes a massive difference so this week one of the things i will be concentrating on is faces. Martin has also expressed a dislike of my smudgy ink pen. I give it up a little reluctantly as i feel it helped me through the last few weeks. Still, I plan to ditch the fountain pen for a waterproof fine liner when using ink washes and will keep the fountain pen for line only sketches.
 Still not quite there in terms of expressing depth with tone but it is getting better. lets see what happens.

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